Recreational fishing in Australia has changed a lot over the years – it’s not enough to just know a lot about catching fish, we’re constantly bombarded by a flurry of information, issues, and politics which impact on our sport, and our enjoyment of it. Climate change, marine parks, sharing fish stocks with other sectors, and the need to be vigilant in caring for our waterways and fish habitat are just some of the issues on the recreational fishing landscape today in Australia.

Now more than ever, it is important that the rec fishing community come together to discuss important issues, share ideas, and develop a vision for a bright future for recreational fishing in Australia.   The National Recreational Fishing Conference 2012 will be held on the Gold Coast between 17-19 August.  The event  is a collaboration between Recfish Australia and the Australian Fishing Trade Association and will be part of a  full week of events and activities relating to recreational fishing.

So join the conversation about the future of rec fishing in Australia, jump on the conference website and register today. I look forward to seeing you there!

Matt Barwick, Recfishing Research Extension Manager