Nerida and I have just had a really interesting week working with the Sydney Metro CMA and the Lachlan CMA.  We were fortunate enough to spend time with both groups in their regions, Parramatta for Sydney, and Young for Lachlan.  In both cases we were running workshops focussing on WHY we do what we do,  narrative techniques, the power of story, and how to use social media to reach new and ever expanding audiences.

We had expected there to be vast differences between the two CMAs, however, apart from the contrasts of a highly urbanised community, to one that was more dispersed across a wider geographic area, we mainly found similarities.  The similarities we found were in the passion and commitment of CMA staff to the work they do, and their openness to learning about how to connect even more effectively with the communities they work within.

Perhaps the most enlightening moment for all involved came when we asked people WHY they do what they do?   In both workshops the responses were the same – a belief in the need to protect and care for our environment, combined with a desire to ‘make a difference’.   We were delighted to see people reconnect with their reason for doing what they do – knowing what you believe in is vital to sustaining yourself and those around you – it is why we do what we do and why the ARRC exists.