Sydney Water has run a terrific campaign to share artist’s sustainability stories as part of the Sydney Water tap™ bottle display which was recently held at the Powerhouse Museum.   The winning designs were selected from 57 submissions by 37 entrants in the tap™ bottle design competition, and included artists, designers and the general public. Of the top 20, Sydney Water’s Facebook community then chose their five favourite designs.

Sydney Water Managing Director Kevin Young said he was pleased to see an increasing focus on sustainability in public conversations and this reflected Sydney Water’s own focus.

“tap™ is the original eco water and, at less than a quarter of a cent per litre, it is by far the cheapest way to quench your thirst and you won’t pollute the atmosphere once you’ve finished drinking.”

The competition embraced social media in calling for entries, being promoted on Sydney Water’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts.  To watch a video about the artists and the competition, visit  I think this is a fabulous idea for a competition – it is not only promoting the value of tap water, but also engaging artists in promoting a sustainability message.  If you have any ideas for getting people engaged please share them with us!