Have you ever thought about the amazing amount of information we now live with compared to 50 years ago?   How are we storing it for retrieval later?   Take a look at this slideshow ‘Shift Happens‘ to get an idea of the rate of growth in information.  At the ARRC we even have a section in our Information and Knowledge Resource Kit on the importance of managing information and knowledge.

Information is the record of our civilization and if we don’t keep the records we can’t retrieve them later.

During May each year all the ‘information and knowledge’ associations get together and celebrate the work we do. They run a series of events to educate and promote the management of information and knowledge. These events are conducted all over Australia so no matter where you live there is something happening for you.

The theme in 2010 is “Connecting Information and People” and details can be found on the Information Awareness Month website.