by Sarina Loo, Dept of Sustainability & Environment

Seeing Siwan’s keynote presentation at the Australian Stream Management conference reminded me of how powerful it is to use personal stories in speeches. A really good example of using a personal story to connect with an audience is Kevin Rudd’s apology speech.

It’s been four years since he gave the speech, which was greeted by a standing ovation, and no speech since has generated such a positive reaction in parliament. This article describes what made the speech such a success and how to use the formula to be a better leader.  Read the article.

Thank you so much Sarina, the article is great and provides compelling reasons about why we should use story to effectively communicate with each other.  I loved this part of the article which said:

  It created a connection and it made us care. Logic alone does not, and cannot do what that story did.

You might also want to mark the website this came from as a ‘favourite’ –  it is called one thousand and one: organisational storytelling.  Kevin might want to revisit this speech given the last few weeks he has had in politics!