Fin Martin accepting his award from Jane Young

I am very pleased to announce that the winner of the inaugural ARRC Yellow Award is Fin Martin from the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority.  The ARRC Yellow Award was developed because I feel there is a need to value people as much as we value our rivers and the environments we work so hard to protect and restore.  Without enthusiastic and dedicated people we cannot achieve all the goals to which we, the organisations we work within, and the communities we care about, aspire to attain.

People like Fin are really important to have in any organisation because they remind us of how valuable our relationships with others are in making both our professional and personal lives meaningful.  I am thrilled that Fin is the first recipient of this award which is:

For sharing his hope, optimism, energy, friendliness, knowledge and belief in the value of people, with those lucky enough to be around him.

Thank you to my co-conspirators Michelle Crossley, Jane Young and Joanne Lenehan who organised a morning tea and special awards ceremony.  In winning his award Fin said:

Although totally unexpected, it was very pleasing to receive the inaugural ARRC Yellow award. Although I don’t need much encouragement in doing a job that I love – working with rivers and wetlands, it is nice to be recognised sometimes, especially by peers”

If you would like to nominate someone for an ARRC Yellow Award please get in touch with me.