Siwan and I are taking a Dave Snowden course on 1 July 2010. I have done quite a few of Dave’s courses over the years, starting with a Storytelling Course back in the early 2000s. For Siwan this will be her first.

We have noticed that many of our research scientists are using Dave’s Cynefin framework in their work, Richard Stirzaker and Andrew Campbell being two of the most notable. This seminar will build on the Cynefin Framework, and provide a basic introduction to complexity theory in human systems by introducing participants to some core methods and approaches.  It is based on Dave’s award winning work in this area, and is relevant for executives in the public and private sectors who need to understand the theory and application of new complexity-based approaches to strategy.

For those who are interested in undertaking this course, Dave will give a 15% discount to friends of the Australian River Restoration Centre. You can register here.