I read Billabong Boy in two nights, not wanting to put it down as it was a pleasure to read.  Arron is honest about the opportunities and the challenges he has confronted in trying to keep a business going that focuses on ‘kids teaching kids’, in a natural resources management sector that is not ‘flush with cash’.  Like the ARRC, Arron’s work is about supporting people, and I am inspired to read about what he has achieved.  Arron has recieved a number of well-deserved rewards, but for me, what came through in the book was how much he valued the conversations with kids, and how much he acknowledges the importance of having friends and family to help  him realise his dreams.  I recommend this book as an inspiring read, and one that will lift your spirits and remind you about why you work in river restoration.  You can read more about Billabong Boy in the Stories part of our website.

You can order Billabong Boy directly from the New Holland website.