” Nicola Dixon and SMCMA Board Chair, Mark Bethwaite

The lovely Nicola Dixon from the Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority got a surprise when she was awarded the ARRC Yellow Award a few weeks ago at the SMCMA Board meeting.

Judy Christie who works with Nicola said that she was nominated for the award because of her:

…enthusiastic and positive and energetic approach, in particular with the running of the 2012 Community Forum in  March.  Nicola was unfailingly helpful in dealing with community volunteers  and delighted participants on the day with her cheerful and friendly manner.  There is no doubt it is great to work alongside ” yellow people”.  

Upon receiving the award Nicola said:

“It is an honour and a delight to receive an ARRC Yellow Award. I am very lucky to work as part of a warm, knowledgeable and supportive team, and it’s quite easy to feel positive and inspired when I constantly hear of the enthusiasm and dedication with which Sydney’s eco-volunteers and NRM staff are tackling urban environmental issues.  

The SMCMA staff have embraced the concept of the Yellow Award. I’ll be passing on the smiley yellow guy to a deserving colleague next month. He’s currently perched up above my desk where everyone can see him, as a reminder!”

Many many congratulations Nicola, I am thrilled for you.   Please take the time to say thank you to those you work with, and have a think about who you might like nominate for an ARRC Yellow Award.