” Nicola Dixon and SMCMA Board Chair, Mark Bethwaite

The lovely Nicola Dixon from the Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority got a surprise when she was awarded the ARRC Yellow Award a few weeks ago at the SMCMA Board meeting.

Judy Christie who works with Nicola said that she was nominated for the award because of her:

…enthusiastic and positive and energetic approach, in particular¬†with the¬†running of the 2012 Community Forum in¬†¬†March.¬† Nicola was unfailingly helpful in dealing with community volunteers¬† and delighted participants on the day with her cheerful and friendly manner.¬† There is no doubt it is great to work alongside ” yellow people”. ¬†

Upon receiving the award Nicola said:

“It is an honour and a delight to receive¬†an ARRC Yellow Award.¬†I¬†am very¬†lucky to work¬†as part of a warm, knowledgeable and supportive team, and¬†it’s quite easy to feel positive and inspired when I constantly hear of the¬†enthusiasm and¬†dedication¬†with which¬†Sydney’s¬†eco-volunteers and NRM staff are tackling urban environmental issues. ¬†

The¬†SMCMA staff have¬†embraced the concept of the Yellow Award. I’ll be passing on the smiley yellow guy to¬†a deserving colleague next month. He’s currently perched up above my desk where everyone can see him, as a reminder!”

Many many congratulations Nicola, I am thrilled for you.   Please take the time to say thank you to those you work with, and have a think about who you might like nominate for an ARRC Yellow Award.