In February 5th-8th the Society for Human Ecology (SHE) will be holding its 19th annual conference in Canberra. Human ecology has an interdisciplinary focus, bringing together biophysical and social sciences to address the complex problems faced by society. SHE is largely based in the US, however its international membership is growing. This is the first time their annual conference has been held in Australia and the organizing committee is excited to showcase human ecology ‘down under’.

The conference is hosted by the Fenner Schoool, Australian National University and will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Sustainability Science Asia. The conference theme, ‘Decisions that work: linking sustainability, environmental responsibility and human well-being’ reflects the interdisciplinary breadth of SHE. Over three days, more than 150 speakers will present on the conference themes: Reinventing the Future; Global Food Security; Co-Benefits of Sustainability and Human Health and Responsibility for Change.

For more information  visit the Conference website

Carina Wyborn, Fenner School